Heritage Makers Studio Nights in Calgary 2013

Check the event calendar for our next Studio date!

Would you like a place to go each month to work on a project?
Would you like to see other projects in published form to get inspired?
Do you have publishing points that are crying out loud to be used?
Do you have a story or memory that is aching to be preserved before its lost?

Come to the next CHMUG “STUDIO SATURDAY” event!  Register HERE


So, think of it this way…
First there was the quilting bee.
Then there was that whole paper, scissors, glue scrapbooking thing….
Now, we have the Heritage Makers Studio Night! The best place to meet up with others who understand the importance of preserving your pictures, memories and stories in the longest lasting format to pass down for generations to come.

Register HERE

Come and have a great time, eat a little food, and get your projects DONE then bring them with you to the following month’s Studio Night to show them off!